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Metal-plastic cone for multiple use in concrete. Compatible with Uni-rods.

Application: see e. g. water stop, welded on.

MKK® cap for flush sealing of the MKK® on the formwork. MKK® sealing cap for sealing the MKK® on rough surfaces with tilt equalisation up to 3°.

Close the conical holes with BETOMAX® sealing mortar, the special sealing mortar or concrete plugs with two-component adhesive (see Building materials technology).


Test certificate (in German)
Test certificate for water impermeability test - exposed concrete plug (in German)
Test certificate for water impermeability test - mortared
(in German)

MKK® Vario B 15

The MKK® Vario consists of a galvanized ring and a plastic hemisphere. Together with the angel adapter, the MKK® Vario B 15 can be used to offset any angle up to 20°.

The MKK® Vario B 15, carrying the ring, is placed in the shuttering. The hemisphere is placed on the tie rod and forced into the ring with the aid of the shuttering.

Curved structures, e. g. tunnel entrances, and haunching, e. g. at base/wall transition of settling tanks.


Steel-concrete cone, remains in concrete. Closed flush with fibrous concrete plug 22/20. Compatible with Uni 15.

WD = wall thickness

Permanent tie rod length =  WD - 2c


The SKK® BETOMAX 15 steel climbing cone is used in conjunction with the BETOMAX® 15 tie rod and an M 24 bolt. It is used wherever the MKK® B 15 is selected as the leading cone. The SKK® is tightened and released with the special SKK® spanner. Compatible with Uni15.

Special nailable plate for simplified release.