...safety without compromise

Pigtail anchor

  • Made from weldable and bendable BETOMAX® tie rods 15, 20 and 26.5
  • For one-ended anchoring in concrete
  • For use as lost (internal) tie rod
  • Also for use in conjunction with cones, e.g. for climbing formwork

Anchor loop

  • Made from weldable and bendable BETOMAX® tie rods 15, 20 and 26.5
  • For anchoring supports, for single-sided formwork
  • Installed in first concreting section, in floor slab
  • Can be extended with threaded connecting sleeve and MKK®

V holder

Steel strip and plastic sleeve for anchoring aids for single-sides wall formwork.
For installing tie rods, anchor loops, pigtail anchors, round hooks etc. at 45°.

ThreadØ d1
B 1525
B 2032
B 26.540

Working example:
Illustrated with anchor loop
L = Projection for fastening with threaded connecting sleeve

B 15  70
B 20  80
B 26.5100



Barrier tie rod

Suitable for use as a one-sided anchoring.
Typically used for climbing formwork, scaffold anchors and thin-walled structures.

Consists of bendable and weldable B 15 threaded tie rod and plate (90 x 120 x 10 mm).




Vt = Anchoring depth
Et = Installed depth

Rod failure at max. tensile load

Round hook

  • Made from weldable and bendable BETOMAX® tie rods 15, 20 and 26.5
  • Same applications as pigtail anchor, but also for smaller wall thicknesses


Casting, for one-sided anchoring. Max. load depends on the concrete quality and anchoring depth (Vt). Compatible with Uni 15.

Concrete quality C 20/25
VT = 20cm
for 90 kN working load

MULTI-MONTI® screw anchor

For securing push-pull props and BETOMAX® curb shuttering, galvanized.

  • Simple through-fixing, therefore: 
  • Massive time and cost savings.
  • Removable
  • Multiple use for temporary fastenings, e. g. push-pull prop installation
  • Tested safety, also on low-strength floors that haven't hardened


European technical approval (in German)

Weldable socket B 15/80 S 355 (St 52-3)

For tie rods B 15. Compatible with Uni 15.

  • Weld seam´s compliance with DIN 18800 to be statically verified
  • Not for use as connecting sleeve

K-TEC-3s© concrete screw

The BETOMAX® K-TEC-3s© can be reused several times and combines the benefits of a coarse thread for temporary machine fastening with those of a self-tapping concrete screw.

  • Numerous applications
    Suitable for all temporary fastening requirements for low to medium loads, e.g. for fastening machines such as core drilling and concrete finishing machines etc.
  • Both: Rugged B15 formwork tie thread
    Facilitates the use of all types of screwed fastening: Kipp B15 with hex nut, waler wing nut or similar
  • And: High-strength, self-tapping special thread
    For reliable, positive anchoring in the concrete
  • Easy procedure
    Supremely simple system with minimal number of components
  • Enormous time saving
    Drilled hole does not need cleaning; no additional work procedures
  • For installing close to edge and to each other
    No plugs, no expansion
  • Resists high loads
    Thanks to perfect positive fit in the concrete
  • Minimal tooling
    Cordless screw driver recommended
  • Very simple inspection
    Check the hole diameter (14 mm) and depth, and ensure that the bolt is tight
  • Reusable
    Depending on surface conditions, up to 20 stress actions possible. Simple control due to checking gauge (has to be ordered separately)

Finishing Cone B15 / B20 / B26.5

The finishing cone for the perfect concrete surface.

Features, properties:

  • Recessed installation of the lost anchor rod
  • Cone can be fitted at precisely 45°
  • Finishes perfectly flush with the surface
  • Cone can be easily removed with the help of the extraction tool (forB20 und B26.5)
  • A connecting nut can be easily fitted once the cone has been pulled
  • Closing mortaring of the recess with BETOMAX® sealing mortar
  • MKK Cap 45° B15 for a precise 45° positioning with MKK B15
  • Use without additional coupling nut
  • Cap removal without special tool (with carpenter hammer only)
  • Additional compensation washer available


Forged weld-on part with fillet weld.
a = 4 mm. Weld on all round.
Steel quality: S 355 (St 52-3) with tapped thread. Comatible with Uni 15.

  • Weld seam´s compliance with DIN 18800 to be statically verified

Rock anchor B15*/B20  

*Approved by German building authority No. Z-21.6-1827 (in German)

For securing single-sided formwork in concrete or rock walls. Comatible with Uni 15. Also for attaching ledge consoles to components without concreted-in anchoring parts, e. g. when renovating existing structures.

Bore hole depths / working loads:
  • B15: Bore hole using a 37 mm drill 
  • B15: Core hole drilling using a 38 mm drill bit
  • B15: Bore hole depths for 90 kN working load:
    min. 21 cm in concrete C20/25
  • B20: Bore hole using a 52 mm drill
  • B20: Bore hole depths: min. 40 cm in concrete C20/25
  • Placing depth in bed rock depending on strength
  • Minimum edge clearance at least 1.5 x bore hole depth
  • Hole spacing at least 3 x bore hole depth
  • Please observe installation instructions

Conduct tensile test before applying final load

  • Test load can be applied with BETOMAX® rock anchor testing device
    - please ask for details

End anchor B 26.5

Casting for one-sided anchoring.








Vt = Anchoring depth
Et = Installed depth

  • Max. load depends on the concrete quality and anchoring depth (Vt)

End anchor B 20

Made from an anchor plate with welded-on B 20 hexagon nut. For one-sided anchoring. Compatible with Uni 20.




Vt = Anchoring depth
Et = Installed depth

Anchoring depth: Vt = 175 mm
(Acc. to test certificate, failing load in concrete 177 kN and concrete quality C20/25)

Failing load in concrete:
235 kN in uncracked concrete
177 kN /181 kN in cracked concrete
(test cone dia. restricted to 850 mm)

Concrete strength: 30 N / mm²

  • Max. load depends on the concrete quality and anchoring depth (Vt)

CLIMAX® anchoring sleeve CLIMAX®-Fifty anchoring sleeve

For one-ended anchoring with BETOMAX® 15. Manufactured from fibre-reinforced plastic.

CLIMAX® anchoring sleeve
Typical applications: bridge floor edge shuttering, consoles, scaffolding and single-sided formwork.

CLIMAX®-Fifty anchoring sleeve
Shallow installed depth of 51 mm (sleeve) and 12 mm (nailable cap) for precast concrete cavity walls.


Inspection report (in German)

Rocket fitsch BETOMAX® 15

For welding at inclinated areas, e.g. sheet pile walls.

  • For one-sided anchors at sheet pile walls
  • Vertical 90° orientation between inclinated anchoring point and formwork

Drop-in anchor B15 / M12 / M16

Multi-purpose drop-in anchor for temporary anchorage of machinery, formwork props or rail posts at concrete or compression proof natural stone.

Technical data / Installation instruction