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K-TEC-3s© concrete screw

The BETOMAX® K-TEC-3s© can be reused several times and combines the benefits of a coarse thread for temporary machine fastening with those of a self-tapping concrete screw.

  • Numerous applications
    Suitable for all temporary fastening requirements for low to medium loads, e.g. for fastening machines such as core drilling and concrete finishing machines etc.
  • Both: Rugged B15 formwork tie thread
    Facilitates the use of all types of screwed fastening: Kipp B15 with hex nut, waler wing nut or similar
  • And: High-strength, self-tapping special thread
    For reliable, positive anchoring in the concrete
  • Easy procedure
    Supremely simple system with minimal number of components
  • Enormous time saving
    Drilled hole does not need cleaning; no additional work procedures
  • For installing close to edge and to each other
    No plugs, no expansion
  • Resists high loads
    Thanks to perfect positive fit in the concrete
  • Minimal tooling
    Cordless screw driver recommended
  • Very simple inspection
    Check the hole diameter (14 mm) and depth, and ensure that the bolt is tight
  • Reusable
    Depending on surface conditions, up to 20 stress actions possible. Simple control due to checking gauge (has to be ordered separately)


Item No.DesignationPacking unit
18602230K-TEC-3s© B 15 - B 12 x 10 / L = 230 mm10.300
18602280K-TEC-3s© B 15 - B 12 x 10 / L = 280 mm10.400
18602400K-TEC-3s© B 15 - B 12 x 10 / L = 400 mm10.580
18602600K-TEC-3s© B 15 - B 12 x 10 / L = 600 mm10.800
20020950Kipp B 15 round with S nut, galvanized10.770