...safety without compromise

Torque wrench

Torque wrench for variable torque settings.

Inserts for A/F 46 and 60 available on request.

Ratchet spanner

For hex nuts and threaded connecting sleeves.

Wing nut spanner

Securely seated with stem and grips. No risk of accidents caused by slipping off.

Cranked box spanner

An inexpensive alternative for unscrewing the MKK® without the benefits of the special MKK® spanner.

Tension lever

Tension lever for tension jack.

Tension jack

Reinforced tension jack, galvanized, with spring. For prestressing wire from 5 to 10 mm. Maximum load 10 kN for Ø 10 mm according to DIN 18216.

Special MKK® spanner

For removing the MKK®. Cannot tilt, no risk of accidents caused by slipping off.

An inexpensive alternative to the special MKK® spanner: the cranked box spanner.

Special SKK® spanner

For releasing the SKK®.