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Torque wrench

Torque wrench for variable torque settings.

Inserts for A/F 46 and 60 available on request.

Pre-tensioning force:
Torque settings10 kN30 kN 50 kN   70 kN 90 kN
B 1555 Nm170 Nm280 Nm400 Nm520 Nm
B 2058 Nm180 Nm300 Nm413 Nm533 Nm
B 26.565 Nm185 Nm315 Nm445 Nm575 Nm

Torques only valid in conjunction with pre-tension nuts.

Item No.DesignationPacking unit
91145200Torque wrench 200 Nm11.440
91147240Torque wrench 400 Nm11.580
91149270Torque wrench insert A/F 2710.180
91149300Torque wrench insert A/F 3010.220
91149410Torque wrench insert A/F 4110.260