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SD Water Stop

Swelling-active SD water stop reliably prevents lateral water infiltration. Is fitted with the BETOMAX® SD installation pliers 

  • New type of sealing ring on a synthetic elastomer basis
  • Automatic swelling responds to moisture and wetness
  • Defined swelling capacity designed specificially for sealing purposes
  • Universally applicable with fiber-reinforced concrete, steel distance tubes and plastic tubes with diameters ranging from 22 to 40 mm
  • Simplest installation and reliable handling with the special BETOMAX® SD installation piers

Calculation of tube cut length Dist FB 22. Dist K-22 and Dist ST-22 (L): L = WD - 2c

Tube length must be ordered separately. 


Item No.Designation Ø mm
61922888Fibrous concrete spacer tube 22, cut length22.0/401.760/m
63122130Plastic spacer tube K-22 rough, cut length22.0/260.210/m
63126190Plastic spacer tube K-26 rough, cut length26.0/300.240/m
63132190Plastic spacer tube K-32 rough, cut length32.0/360.285/m
62022150Steel spacer tube ST-22, cut length24.8/260.378/m
61822381SD ring seal0.056/pc
61822400SD installation piers0.313/pc