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Water stop B 15   

Compatible with Uni 15. The water stop B 15 has two sockets for accommodating Dist K-26 rough cut tubes with a tight seal. This prevents wet cement from entering and concreting in the tie rod. Studs improve bonding with concrete. Reducing adapters are available for Dist K-22 and Dist FB-22. The 70 mm dimension becomes 125 mm if a reducing adapter is used.

WD = wall thickness.

Calculation of tube cut length (L):
LK-26 = (WD - 2c - 70) / 2

Calculation of tube cut length (L)
with reducing adapter and K22 or FB 22:
LK-22/FB 22 = (WD - 2c - 125) / 2

Applications, properties and benefits:
  • 120 x 120 mm square water stop offers best protection against infiltration of water
  • Water stop with studs improves bonding with concrete and resistance to torsional stress. Compliance with striking time is essential.
  • Conical holes can be closed with mortar or a concrete plug when the cone is removed
  • In conjunction with Cone EX, the concrete cover c for example is 35 or 50 mm
  • Concrete cover c with MKK® B 15 is 50 mm
Item No.DesignationPlate size
a x b  mm
Packing unit
20458400B 15 water stop120 x 120  300.600
20458722Reducing adapter2500.006
20458109B 15 water stop sleeve  250.550