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Water stop St 22, welded on

On Dist St-22. Prevents infiltration of water. The steel tube is closed watertight with the FLUPP St plug. Cone EX with 35 or 50 mm cover. Once the cone is removed, the conical hole has to be closed with mortar or a concrete plug.

Calucaltin of tube cut length (L):   L = WD - 2c

Cut length of tube must be ordered separately.

Applications, properties and benefits:
  • 120 x 120 mm square water stop offers best protection against infiltration of water
  • Water stop with studs improves bonding with concrete and resistance to torsional stress. Compliance with striking time is essential.
  • Conical holes can be closed with mortar or a concrete plug when the cone is removed
  • In conjunction with Cone EX, the concrete cover c is 35 or 50 mm
  • Concrete cover c with MKK® B 15 is 50 mm
Item No.Plate size
a x b   mm
Packing unit
10290311120 x 12010.320