...safety is a must when aiming high.


Joins crash barriers with uniform spacing of 1.333 m.

Safety rail post holder

Accessory for Spl 1 / Spl 2 anchor.

  • For installing fall protection systems (BETOMAX® safety rail post) during construction work
  • Attaches to crash barrier anchor upon completion of deck
  • Can also be attached to other components (plug and screw) where temporary safety measures are required

Railing anchor

To RIZ Ge 13 standard.

  • With socket for BETOMAX® savety rail post
  • Height-adjustable (with additional parts)
  • Cover with expanded polystyrene (formwork aid) for conformant installation/concreting

Other anchors and fixtures according to RIZ standards available on request.

Crash barrier anchor

For anchoring single and double spacer-type crash barriers in concrete.

To RIZ Spl 1 und Spl 2 standard.

  • With platic plugs and end cap
  • Height adjustment at top