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Mounting trolley MTW 2004

Mobile platform for inspection an renovation work, erecting/dismantling ledge consoles or laying pipes on bridge edges.

Permissible load:
150 kg per m² or 4 persons

  • Intricate design without separate parts except for counterweights (steel plates) and access components
  • The boom, mast and platform are winched up to the appro priate position for assembly and dismantling purposes and when relocating the trolley on the other side of the bridge
  • Safe access within structure
  • Traction:
    - manual, by site workers
    - by motor vehicle
    - manual, by drawbar
  • Fast assembly and dismantling thanks to purpose-built, pre-constructed design
  • Variable height running gear (10 cm steps), adjustable depending on height and inclination of building structure
  • Individually steered and braked wheel sets
  • Dead weight:
    Mounting trolley approx. 64.53 kN (6.4 metric tons) incl. counterweight
  • Further details are contained in the instructions for assembly and use (in German)
Item No.DesignationPacking
44270000MTW 200416,453,000