...safety is a must when aiming high.

Sheet piling console SWK 2000/70

The BETOMAX® sheet piling console 2000/70 facilitates the safe and efficient placing of beams on top of sheet piling.

It offers all the familiar benefits of the BETOMAX® ledge console 2000 as regards adjustment and safety systems (e. g. gangway with safety rail posts).

Accessories for SWK 2000/70:

Item No.DesignationPacking
44201500Sheet piling console SWK 2000/70169.700
44201510SWH BETOAMX® 15, screw fastening1  1.660
44201520SWH BETOAMX® 15, weldable1  1.240
44201530SWH BETOAMX® 15, for clampin1  1.690
44201550Spacer for 50 mm concrete cover1  0.060

*Puller for spacer for hire on request.