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Rock anchor B15*/B20  

*Approved by German building authority No. Z-21.6-1827 (in German)

For securing single-sided formwork in concrete or rock walls. Comatible with Uni 15. Also for attaching ledge consoles to components without concreted-in anchoring parts, e. g. when renovating existing structures.

Bore hole depths / working loads:
  • B15: Bore hole using a 37 mm drill 
  • B15: Core hole drilling using a 38 mm drill bit
  • B15: Bore hole depths for 90 kN working load:
    min. 21 cm in concrete C20/25
  • B20: Bore hole using a 52 mm drill
  • B20: Bore hole depths: min. 40 cm in concrete C20/25
  • Placing depth in bed rock depending on strength
  • Minimum edge clearance at least 1.5 x bore hole depth
  • Hole spacing at least 3 x bore hole depth
  • Please observe installation instructions

Conduct tensile test before applying final load

  • Test load can be applied with BETOMAX® rock anchor testing device
    - please ask for details
Item No.DesignationPacking unit
20491810*Rock anchor B 1550  0.420
14491810Rock anchor B 2015  1.331
20491880**Rock anchor testing device  117.800
20491812SDS hammer drill
37 x 570 x 450 mm
  1  1.700
90210120Placing tool for rock anchor B 15  1  2.500
90210130Placing tool for rock anchor B 20  1  6.620
90210140Cleaning brush for rock anchor  1  0.153

*Approved by German building authority No. Z-21.6-1827
**Available for hire on request