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Sealing mortar

Ready-to-use premixed mortar based on cement, for sealing tapered and anchor holes. Grain size 0 to 4 mm.

  • Controlled volumne change during curing
  • High early strength and very high final strength
  • Additional protection against water penetration
Instructions for use:
  • Water requirement: depending on size of tapered hole, between 14% and 18%, or 3.5 l - 4.5 l water per 25 kg mortar
  • Mix all the mortar with approx. 2/3 of the water
  • Add the rest of the water while mixing
  • Mixing time approx. 4 minutes
  • Do not use below 5°C
  • One bag yields 13 l sealing mortar
  • Cone EX in conjunction with FLUPP: approx. 500 holes per bag
  • Cone EX hole, e.g. EX 22/10 and EX FB: approx. 1,200 holes per bag
  • MKK® BETOMAX 15 tapered holes: approx. 60 holes per bag
  • Size 22 tubular spreaders: per bag approx. 30 m tubular spreader (inside Ø 22), e.g. Dist K-22 spacer tube, rough
Item No.DesignationPacking unit
bag/bag per palette
19025000Sealing mortar1/4225.000