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StarCret all-purpose filler

Ready-to-use premixed filler based on cement, modified with plastic. For repairs, coatings and smoothing and levelling concrete, plaster and mortar. Especially for cosmetic repairs to fairfaced concrete indoors and outdoors. Grain size 0 - 0.3 mm

  • High tensile bending strength
  • Consistent quality and colour (pale concrete, no colouring pigments)
Instructions for use:
  • Surface must be cleaned and pre-wetted
  • Water requirement approx. 3.3 l per 15 kg tub
  • Mix to obtain a consistency suitable for spreading with a blade
  • Pot life approx. 60 minutes at 20°C
  • 15 kg premixed filler yields approx. 7.5 litres fresh filler
  • Apply in layers of 1.5 - 5 mm

Tables of strength

1 Tage3 Tage7 Tage28 Tage
Compressive strength N/mm25.82128
Tensile bending strength N/mm21.9  3.7  5.8
Item No.DesignationPacking unit
tub/tub per pallet
19027015StarCret all-purpose filler1 / 2415.000