...no chance for pressurised water

Monomax injection system

General German building authority test certificate (in German)

Ever-greater importance is being attached to sealing concrete structures. Although construction joints are unavoidable in structural components for design and practical reasons, the damage that is often caused by moisture at such locations can be avoided. The extent of work and costs associated with remedial work are high. The growing awareness of quality and durability calls for new design solutions that guarantee long-term protection against penetration.

Waterproofing and non-positive connection of construction joints

MONOMAX injection hose for injecting:
  • PUR resin (Corresponds to P-PUR in the test certificate)
  • AC-Gel
  • P-AC gel
  • P microcement (ultra-fine cement)
  • PUR foam
  • Epoxy resin

Allows multiple injection, e.g. with ultra-fine cement and acrylate gel, subject to thorough flushing of the transportation channel after each injection.

  • Very flexible and easy to lay
  • Resists penetration by foreign substances
  • Foamed plastic injection hose
  • Orifices in the form of micro-slots evenly distributed around the circumference
  • Duobox for connecting two hoses; standard depth for concrete cover 30 mm, other depths on request
  • Hose end box (for ready-made hose with Quicky and fabric-reinforced PVC hose)
Hose mounting:
  • Stecki plastic fastener
  • MONOMAX hose clamps with cap-head bolts/impact plug
Item No.DesignationPacking unitWeight
86100040MONOMAX injection system, not ready-madem run/reel0.105 / m
86506055Quicky hose connectoreach0.005 / each
86200308PVC hose, fabric-reinforced, redm run0.200 / m
86200310PVC hose, fabric-reinforced, whitem run0.200 / m
86200340Plug25 pcs0.100 / unit
86300180Hose clipeach0.006 / each
86300190Injection nipple 55 mmeach0.008 / each
86300050Nailed fittingeach0.013 / each
86300218Taper nipple for nailed fitting and Duoboxeach0.003 / each
86300480Duobox 30 mmeach0.070 / each
86300490Duobox various dimensionseach
86300410Hose endboxeach0.140 / each
86312240Carrying hose clip100 pcs0.340 / 100 pcs
86300227Stecki, black400 pcs0.002 / each
86312229Hose clamp with cap-head bolts100 pcs0.002 / each
86312230Hose clamp without bolts100 pcs0.001 / each
86300223Stone drill 5 mmeach0.040 / each
86300220Impact plug 5 mm200 pcs0.320 / 100 pcs
86200360P-cuttereach0.200 / each
88006000Spit P 60 bolt-firing tooleach4.000 / each
86300240Cartridges, 10 shots/magazine100 Shots0.016 / mag.