...no chance for pressurised water

FUMAX® type S

*General German building authority test certificate (in German)

Waterproofing horizontal and vertical construction joints

  • Natural bentonite swelling strip produced from calcium bentonite
  • Swells on contact with water
  • Sealing effect created by exertion of pressure as volume increases
  • Almost immediate activation
  • Fixing rails with clamps and cap-head bolts/impact plugs
  • Fixing lattice with discs and pins
  • Glued with contact adhesive or BETOFIX
  • On uneven surfaces with Betoquell levelling paste
Notes on installation:
  • The laying surface must be flat, dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and loose particles
  • FUMAX® is laid in the centre of the construction joint (min. spacing 8 cm).
  • The ends of the strips must meet without overlapping
  • Attach fixing rail and secure with a clamp and cap-head bolts or impact plugs with spacing of approx. 15 cm
  • Locate fixing lattice and attach the disc with a pin
  • Betoquell for gluing and for levelling uneven surfaces


Item No.DesignationPacking unitWeight
86419025FUMAX® type S 18 x 23 mm8 x 5 m/box
18 boxes/pallet
86412025*FUMAX® type S 20 x 25 mm8 x 5 m/box
18 boxes/pallet
86410000Fixing rail @ 1.00 m20 x 1 m/bundle0.067/m
86411000Fixing lattice @ 1.00 m40 x 1 m/bundle0.040/m
86430000Clamp200 pcs1.830/100 pcs
86430010Cap-head bolt 40 mm100 pcs0.420/100 pcs
86300223Stone drill 5 mmeach0.040/each
86300220Impact plug 5 x 35 mm200 pcs0.320/100 pcs
86431014Betoquell levelling paste 310 mlcartridge0.460/each
86430030FUMAX® contact adhesive 300 mlcartridge0.520/each
88006000Spit P 60 bolt-firing tooleach4.000/each
86300240Cartridge, 10 shots/magazine100 shots0.016/mag.