...no chance for pressurised water

SDF strip Q1/Q2

General German building authority test certificate (in German)

Waterproofing construction joints (no upstands required).

  • Self-sealing water barrier available in strips or on rolls
  • Coated with butyl-based, adhesive vulcanized rubber profile. Swelling strip to be located on one side of joint on one or both longitudinal sides and, to seal the overlap, on one end.
  • Swelling strip swells automatically in case of water ingress; very good chemical resistance
  • SDF strip highly suitable for precast concrete construction as well
  • Strip with adhesive swelling material on one side
  • SDF Q1 with swelling strip on one longitudinal side, typically for use in footing-to-wall joints
  • SDF Q2 with swelling strip on both longitudinal sides, typically for use in wall-to-wall joints
  • Both SDF types with swelling strip on one end face for sealing overlaps

SDF/Q1-Q2 strip (strips/rolls)
Length       L = 2.00 / 20.00 m run
Width        b = 150 mm
Thickness   t = 0.85 mm

Footing-to-wall joint
  • Place the self-sealing water barrier (SDF Q1 or Q2) on the top reinforcement. The swelling strip must face down and be fully integrated in the first concreting section.
  • Bend and break water barrier at the corner as necessary
  • Secure against tipping and slipping with fixing stirrups (spacing amin = 1.0 m) fastened to the reinforcement
  • Join overlapping ends with joint clips
Wall-to wall joint
  • Integrate SDF Q2 water barrier equally in both wall and concreting sections
Item No.DesignationPacking unitWeight
87401200SDF strip Q1 strips    2 m / 50 m bundle0.870/m
87402240SDF strip Q2 strips    2 m / 50 m bundle1.020/m
87402508SDF strip Q1 roll  20 m / roll0.943/m
87600011SDF fixing stirrup100 pcs0.082/each
87600020Joint clip100 pcs0.007/each
87600025Swelling strip keeper    1 pc0.720/each
86430052Betofix glue 600 ml    1 pc / tube0.920/each
86430060Glue gun for tube    1 pc1.020/each