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ALC-ST- coupling

General technical approval No. Z-1.5-213
(in German)

The ALC-ST coupling is a fast and simple method of connecting concrete reinforcing rods with diameters from 10 mm to 40 mm. It is not necessary to prepare the reinforcement rods through compression, pressing or thread-cutting. The self-regulating clamping effect of the steel-reinforcement rod in the wedge-oval interior is achieved by the special shearing bolts. When a defined torque is achieved, the bolt heads will share off. A visual check is sufficient to determine whether the installation is correct.


Make sure that the parts are standing stable!

Slide the ALC-ST coupling on to the abutting rebar until it reaches the stop pin ( in the center of the sleeve).

Tighten the shearing bolts against the inserted rebar.

Do not grease or oil the bolts additionally!
Do not can the tools used on this screw!




Introduce the other rebar into the ALC-ST coupling until it meets the stop pin. Tighten the remaining shear bolts against the inserted rebar in this position.

Do not grease or oil the bolts additionally!
Do not can the tools used on this screw!


Shear off the heads of the shearing bolts with the help of an electric power wrench (we recommend an impact wrench) with a torque of minimum 110 Nm.

In the event of greater demands being made on protection against corrosion, ALC-ST coupling may be packed with an anti-corrosive agent covered by the general technical approval or equivalent.

  • The ALC-ST coupling guarantees that the rebars can be liable connected
  • With General Technical Approval No. Z-1.5-213
  • 100 % transmission of tensile and compressive forces
  • Approved for components exposed by dynamic stresses
  • No preparation of the rod ends necessary
  • Easy visual check of the installation: Bolt heads must be sheared off