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Curing compound

Concrete curing agent. Milky liquid based on synthetic resin. Forms a transparent film to protect the freshly exposed concrete against premature drying. Binds loose concrete particles. Allows subsequent application of paint and coatings.

Consumption: approx. 150 - 330 g per m² depending on substrate

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ECOMAX 2 form release agent

Form release agent for steel and absorbent shuttering, e.g. timber, coated chipboard etc.


Can be used up to a formwork temperature of 100°C. ECOMAX 2 does not contain any waxes, paraffins or silicones. If used properly, no impairment of plaster or coating adhesion.

Consumption: 1 Litre per approx. 40 - 55 m²

Water pollution class 1

Formwork tape and dispenser

For applying tape to formwork joints.


BETOMAX® plastic retainer for insulation boards.

Wooden form plugs, Formwork plugs

For sealing anchoring holes in the formwork shell.

Thickness: 22 mm

Foam adhesive tape

One-side adhesive tape for sealing formwork joints.

Tension chains

For securing, aligning and clamping.
Length: 2500 mm.

Test load acc. to DIN 763:
  • Tension chains, light, Ø 5.5 mm = 10 kN
  • Turnbuckle M12 = 16 kN
  • Tension chains, heavy-duty, Ø 8 mm = 25 kN
  • Turnbuckle M16 = 30 kN

Pressure sprayer / pump

Oil-proof design, for applying ECOMAX 2 and curing compound.

Pressure sprayer:
Capacity 5 litres.

Delivery rate: 13 l/min
Submersible tube length: 1500 mm
Hose: dia. 16 mm
Length: 1200 mm