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Formtex® from BETOMAX® ensures a longer lifetime for concrete structures cast in aggressive environments.

The Formtex® liner is a bonded fibre fabric that drains surplus water and air from the surface of freshly cast concrete.

The lifetime of any concrete structure depends on the ability of the concrete cover to resist the aggressive elements that can attack the reinforcement and thus damage the supporting structure.

A dense, strong and uniform concrete surface prevents the penetration of mineral salts, oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide, thereby greatly extending the life of the structure. Formtex® from BETOMAX® ensures a longer lifetime for concrete structures cast in aggressive environments.

The Formtex® liner is a non-woven fabric made from polypropylene fibres needled together in a non-structured order. The fabric is thermally bonded on one side to create a filter, while the non-thermally bonded side functions as a drainage layer. The pore size of the filter is designed so that cement particles are retained, while water passes through.

Draining water off the concrete surface reduces the water/cement (w/c) ratio and thus substantially improves the strength and durability of the concrete.

Eliminating air from the concrete results in a surface that is practically free from blow-holes. Besides improving the concrete quality, it makes the visible concrete surfaces more attractive as well. Different colour hues can be produced.

The BETOMAX® formwork liner can be used in hydraulic engineering and tank construction; road and bridge building; tunnel construction and wherever concrete surfaces are exposed to severe stresses, and the lifetime of structures is to be prolonged.

It is also suitable for in-situ and precast building components if air cannot be readily eliminated from the concrete because of the structure´s shape (e. g. in the case of slanted parts and the associated undercutting of the formwork).

  • FORMTEX® formwork liner has been tested and, if handled properly, can be used twice
  • The smooth side always faces the concrete, and the "fleecy" side faces the formwork
  • Do not use release agents
  • For best results with FORMTEX®, make sure that the fresh concrete is poured and compacted carefully
Benefits of FORMTEX® for the client:
  • Prolonged lifetime and minimized maintenance costs
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Enhanced resistance to chemical attack
  • Improved corrosion protection for rebars
  • Very good surface adhesive tensile strength
  • Proven not to pollute potable water
Benefits of FORMTEX® for the contractor:
  • Easy and simple to cut
  • Flexible and easy to lay over edges
  • High tear strength, suitable for clamping
  • Can be attached to formwork facing with very few tacks
  • Special contact adhesive can be applied to entire surface for fixing
  • Suitable for reuse with very little effort
  • Versatility of material makes it suitable for all types of shuttering
  • Compatible with steel, plastic or timber formwork
  • No form oil or release agent required

FORMTEX® liner - delivery times and dimensions available on request.
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Test certificate Formtex (in German)
Test certificate Formtex CPF-liner (in German)

FORMTEX®-Tensioning and gluing method

FORMTEX®-Tensioning method
FORMTEX®-Gluing method
Item No.DesignationWidth
29050125FORMTEX® liner1.2550 /   62.5     1 roll16.250/roll
29050275FORMTEX® liner2.7550 / 137.5     1 roll37.500/roll
29050320FORMTEX® liner3.2050 / 160     1 roll43.200/roll
29050400FORMTEX® liner4.0050 / 200     1 roll54.000/roll
29200100FORMTEX® spanner     1 pc 3.600/each
29200350FORMTEX® hook     1 pc 0.047/each
29200500FORMTEX® stapler     1 pc 0.310/each
29200520FORMTEX® stapler
staples (6 mm)
1000 pcs 0.001/each
29200530FORMTEX® stapler
staples (8 mm)
1000 pcs 0.001/each
29200550FORMTEX® cutter      1 pc 0.082/each
29200400FORMTEX® glue
(spray gun 500 ml)
      1 pc 0.425/each
29200440FORMTEX® adhesive emulsion
(20 kg drum)
      1 pc21.000/each
29200420FORMTEX® cleaner
(spray gun 500 ml)
      1 pc 0.505/each
29200430FORMTEX® cleaner
(5 L can)
      1 pc 4.700/each
70619600Foam adhesive tape
16 mm x 6 mm
10    16 rolls  0.083/roll