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U-shaped base section

Spacer with nail holes for aligning and erecting wall shuttering panels. Use instead of wooden slats that are prone to swelling and subsequent rotting. Offset location instead of across full width prevents infiltration of water.


For adjusting formwork on the component underneath.


Bridging and cover strip for soffit shuttering panel joints. Remains anchored in the concrete.


Triangular sections made of impact-resistant rigid PVC. Nails lugs perforated for breaking corners.


For sealing between ceilings and walls. Reusable cover strip.

KIM anchor

Spacer serving as shuttering stop.

The crimped anchor plate without threaded bar is pressed into the wet concrete along the approximate centre axis of the subsequent wall. Instead of the 50 mm (deduction 2 x 2,5 mm) plastic end caps, concrete end caps (concrete cover 2 x 4.5 cm) can be used. M 16 thread allows exact alignment and ensures high strength.

Size of M 16 threaded bar when using concrete caps:
wall thickness - 2 x 4.5 cm


Even complex and tightly bonded shuttering elements can be removed easily with the KNACKER®. The hardened cover plate allows multiple use.

All parts are reusable.

Hole pre-drilled in formwork for 25 mm dia. threaded part.


For joining and sealing shuttering panels or boards at the joint.