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Comax® - Board

Comax®-Board - Trend-setting technologies and unique properties.

The Comax®-Board is a specially perforated and beaded board for the formation of shuttering. Via the computer optimised profiling of the Comax®-Board, a special diamond pattern is formed, through which outstanding adhesion with the concrete is achieved. Thus, the Comax®-Board offers a unique combination of porosity, adhesion and stability.

  • Comax®-Board encompasses a specially designed perforation
  • Comax®-Board offers coarse and extremely stable shuttering
  • Comax®-Board enables perfect concrete adhesion
  • Comax®-Board prevents as far as possible the washing away of cement paste and fine components
  • Comax®-Board guarantees secure sealing through the high number of staggered rows of teeth

Comax®-Board - Multiple types and design variants for every purpose.

Comax®-Board serves for shuttering of construction and component joints mainly in the areas of flooring and walling. Flooring / Walling area. BETOMAX® offers a variety of basic types of Comax®-Board for a variety of operating areas. In addition, each basic type offers a variety of design variants such as toothed, bevelled or perforated. Comax®-Board enables the integration of individual joint seals such as self-sealing water barriers and preformed gaskets. Comax®-Board shuttering elements are constructively reinforced as required or in accordance with the dimensional analysis.

Comax® Board - Variants

Technical data

Technical data
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