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2-component adhesive tin 

Test report (in German)

Epoxy resin adhesive. For making waterproof resilient joints with fibrous concrete and fair-faced concrete plugs.

  • The components are colour-coded: component A is white component B is black
  • Mixing ratio 1:1
  • Test report as recommended by German KTW
Instructions for use:
  • Mixing time: until the adhesive is free from streaks
  • The surfaces being joined must be free from dust and grease
  • Pot life: 2 - 2.5 hours at +20°C, min. working temperature 8°C
  • Reaction temperature:50-60°C
  • 1 kg of adhesive is sufficient for approx. 40 concrete plugs MKK® B 15
  • 1 kg of adhesive is sufficient for approx. 150 fibrous concrete plugs FB 22/50 mm

Test certificate for water impermeability test (in German)
Water impermeability test for Water Stop 120 Dist. St 22 with cone Ex 22/50 (in German)

Item No.DesignationPacking unitWeight
kg/component A+B
618002002-component adhesive1 pot/component2 x 1.500