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Mounting bases

Plastic mounting bases with and without cutout. For placing underneath precast units, including in the vicinity of guide pins.

Dimensions: 70 mm x 70 mm

Item No.DesignationMaterial thickness
Packing unit
74206002Mounting base without cutout 2 mm  21000.010
74206003Mounting base without cutout 3 mm  31000.015
74206005Mounting base without cutout 5 mm  51000.024
74206007Mounting base without cutout 7 mm  71000.035
74206008Mounting base without cutout 8 mm  81000.039
74206009Mounting base without cutout 9 mm  91000.044
74206010Mounting base without cutout 10 mm101000.050
74206015Mounting base without cutout 15 mm151000.072
74206020Mounting base without cutout 20 mm201000.095
75206002Mounting base with cutout 2 mm  21000.008
75206003Mounting base with cutout 3 mm  31000.012
75206005Mounting base with cutout 5 mm  51000.020
75206008Mounting base with cutout 8 mm  81000.038
75206010Mounting base with cutout 10 mm101000.043